CreativeX has a Reporting API which enables our clients to programmatically export data into their data lake. This allows them to automatically query CreativeX data and pull it into their centralized reporting system so they can build internal reports and combine it with their key metrics (organizational KPIs, attention data, first and third party data, etc).

At a high level, every client receives a unique access token. This token is then used alongside a time range, to request data from CreativeX’ Reporting API. The user will automatically receive a response matching the selection criteria, which can then be ingested into clients’ internal data lakes. This response contains all CreativeX creative data for that client.

Key Features

  • Any data lake system can be integrated with CreativeX’ Reporting API (as it’s a standard API which any system can call upon).
  • The CreativeX Reporting API aligns with the client’s data available in the CreativeX dashboard.
  • Users can query any client historical data that is available in CreativeX.
  • Users can query the Reporting API with a time range as well as a unique and constant access token to get creative data. Users can also narrow their search by adding brand, market and channel to the selection criteria.
  • CreativeX has 3 Reporting API endpoints:
    • /reports - You'll need to make a POST request to this endpoint to get the relevant report details. Keep in mind this is a pre-requesite API call to make prior to calling the /reports/{id}/posts endpoint below.
    • /reports/{id}/posts - You'll need to make a GET request to get all the data available for the specific time period and parameters requested.
    • /reports/dimensions - You'll need to make a GET request to get the available brand(s), market(s) and channel(s) for the specific time period and parameters requested.

User Experience

  • User requests the client’s unique access token from the CreativeX team.
  • User makes a request to the reporting API endpoint with this access token along with filter criteria and gets back a report id.
  • User makes an additional request with this report id and access token to access posts associated with the filter criteria. The response is paginated so the user will need to make multiple requests to get all of the data. It is paginated with 1,000 posts per page.
  • If the user is looking to understand all the brands, markets and channels in scope for a specific time period, then they can use the third endpoint (/reports/dimensions).


Once development has started, this integration takes 3-4 weeks to complete on average, since the CreativeX Reporting API is a standard API. This timeline is dependent on the client’s technical team and their availability to work on this.

If custom work is required from the CreativeX engineering team, then the development start will be dependent on the roadmap and resource availability. Please inform your CreativeX team regarding any custom development.